Social Media for Humans

How often should you share promo posts?

May 13, 2022 Alexis Bushnell Season 2 Episode 11
Social Media for Humans
How often should you share promo posts?
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There is no hard and fast rule on how often to share promo posts so I'm sharing how you can change how you think about them to help you figure out how often is ideal for you.

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Hello and welcome to Social Media for  Humans, the podcast that empowers you to do social   differently. Your host, Alexis Bushnell, and her  guests discuss their experience of social media   as business owners, users, and ultimately  humans. With insights and advice to help   you find an effective and ethical strategy  that works for you. Grab yourself a drink   and join the conversation. Alexis: Hello hello, I'm Alexis, my pronouns are she her,   welcome to another quick tip episode  of the Social Media for Humans podcast.   Today I want to talk about how often you should  put out promotional posts. This is something that   comes up so much, everybody wants a hard and fast  rule like you should put out a promotional post   once a week, you should put out a promotional  post three times a week, you should.   And like, I hate to break it to you, this is not  going to be that advice! In true you-do-you style,   it depends! It depends on many many things but  I want to give you a little explainer to maybe   shift how you think about promotional posts that  might help. So when a lot of people think about   promotional posts, sales posts, however you want  to think about them, whatever you're calling them,   people imagine often a post where maybe the  image or the video is about whatever it is,   it's like here's my new product, here's my  new service, here's how you can work with me,   and the caption is like here's the details, maybe  here's the price, here's how you can buy it,   and that's that's kind of it, that's just  like a sales post, like hey, here's the thing,   buy the thing please. But actually there are  so many other ways that you can do sales posts.   Testimonials is a really good one if you are  somebody who is not great at promoting yourself,   who doesn't feel amazing bigging yourself up  and saying like I'm really good at what I do,   this product I've created is incredible, here's  why. Using testimonials can be a really good way   to big yourself up without you having to do it  because all you're doing is saying this person   who bought this product, or used this  service, or worked with me in some capacity,   they think it's amazing. You don't have to add  to that, you don't have to say anything else. If   you really sincerely hate promoting yourself and  talking about what you do and that kind of thing,   while you work through it. This is not me saying   you can just only post testimonials, you never  have to promote yourself in any other way,   you can just allow that to be a thing. No! Go work  with a coach, go work with a therapist, sort that   out. But while you are doing that you can lean on  those testimonials and use them to promote you. So   whether you do that screenshotting them, copy and  pasting them, using a photo of the person, with   permission. There is a a whole podcast episode  from season one about copyright still existing   on the internet with Catherine Berry, please do  go and check that out before you start posting   photos of other people or photos that other  people have taken, even if it's of your product.   So testimonials, great way. Another thing that  people don't consider often to be promotional   posts are posts just about you, about  why you're passionate about what you do,   about maybe your thoughts on relevant topical  issues to what you do and things like that,   that can lead into a "buy my stuff" call to  action. So if you are putting out a post that's   like hey, I went for a walk at the weekend and  it was really lovely, and had a nice lunch here,   and I took my bag that I have created because I  sell bags and it was really helpful because X Y Z.   Boom! It's a promotional post but it is also  just a nice story about you going out about.   Things like that, and also even in, I've  seen a lot of coaches do this really well   lately, especially to talk about your own  stuff whether that's like imposter syndrome,   a lot of people are sharing really great  posts about their own imposter syndrome,   how they worked through it, and then the call to  action is "if you want some help getting through   your own imposter syndrome, here's this course  I'm running, here's this one-to-one service   that I offer," that kind of thing. So the whole  post does not have to be just I sell this thing,   here's the details of this thing, here's the  price of this thing, here's how you can buy it,   it's thinking, I say outside the  box, it's still kind of in the box   but it's allowing yourself to see promotional  posts in a broader way so that they're not just   a list of things that your product or service  does, or however you're currently doing it.   And that also leads into your engagement posts  and your posts that you're putting up that   aren't currently promotional in any way because  a lot of you will find, I would wager all of you,   that promotional posts generally don't do as well  on social media. They generally don't as well for   reach, they don't do well for engagement which  is why they don't just well for reach, whereas   engagement posts often do much better whatever  they are posting about. But you can totally   combine the two, so you can have what seems  to be an engagement post that asks a question   or that is based on something you posted about  as an engagement post previously, that then at   the end just has this offer of like hey, here's  this thing that I created that is relevant to   whatever this is. And on things like intro posts  you can also use that as an opening, especially   as like a service-based business, to invite people  to work with you. So when you've put a post that's   like maybe a picture of you, picture of you  doing something that you enjoy, whatever it is,   that you then talk about what you enjoy, what your  hobbies are, what you're, who you are as a person,   that kind of thing and then at the end you're like  hey, if you want to work with somebody like me,   here's what I offer, or click the link in my bio,  or send me a DM to chat about, figure out we'd be   a good fit to work together, things like that.  So your promotional posts don't have to be   just what many people consider to be promotional  posts. And this isn't about kind of luring people   in with a warm fluffy story about whatever it is  and then shifting into by my stuff, it is about   making it relevant to the post, to the rest of  the post, and just inviting people to buy if they   want to, you know, if you want more details,  if you want to get on the wait list, if you   if this resonated with you and you think you could  benefit from this, you know. Your call to action   doesn't have to just be buy it, buy it at the  link in my bio, buy it by clicking here. So try   to shift what you consider promotional posts,  how you think about them, and then figure out   how many promotional posts make sense for you.  I would not recommend that every single post you   put out is a promotional post of of some kind, it  is really important to have other content, but if   you are somebody who is not amazing at putting out  promotional content, I know there are many of you!   Several people in the Social Media for Humans  Club, not good at putting out the promotional   content, so this is something we talk about a  lot! So yeah, if you are somebody who struggles   with that, try and have a little think and  shift how you're seeing promotional posts   and how you're doing them, and then see how  you feel about it. Maybe you feel able to   put out an extra promotional post, maybe  you feel able to schedule in a few more   and see how you feel. If you would like some help  with your own promotional posts, with shifting how   you see them, with creating them, with all that  kind of thing, you can join the Social Media for   Humans Club, that is for business owners who are  trying to make social media work for them without   losing their mind, or selling their soul, or any  of that kind of thing, we don't like that here.   So yeah, I would love to see you over there in  the Club. And if you would like early access   to podcast episodes you can join us on  Patreon, they are currently three episodes   ahead over there, so two guest episodes and an  extra tip episode, so if you are an impatient   person like me, you can go and join us on Patreon.  So I would love to see you either in the Club,   on Patreon, follow me on social media, all  that kind of thing, and take care.    If you want more regular reminders to find your  own way to use social media, follow Alexis on   your social platform of choice, all the links will  be in the show notes. Until next time, be a human.