Social Media for Humans

Mindful Instagramming with Stephanie McKenna

March 25, 2022 Alexis Bushnell Season 2 Episode 4
Social Media for Humans
Mindful Instagramming with Stephanie McKenna
Show Notes

It was so interesting to chat to Stephanie about how she uses Instagram with the moon cycles - 2 weeks on the app, 2 weeks off.
We also dove into the other ways she's more mindful of her Instagram usage - avoiding the doomscroll, focusing on meaningful action and prioritising her mental well-being over everything.

Stephanie is a self-proclaimed creative maximalist. She truly believes that surrounding yourself with the things you love is one of the greatest joys of the modern world. She's also obsessed with organization. She's always loved organizing and re-arranging her own things, and jumps at the chance to help others re-energize their own belongings.

Through organization and ritual, Stephanie helps people create intentional spaces so they can thrive. She believes stewarding your own space can help you to feel more deeply rooted and in reciprocity with the earth.

When she's not wearing her designer hat, you can find her working in her garden, cuddling with her two cats, playing the banjo, or doing any number of craft projects (right now it’s knitting and learning to weave!)

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