Social Media for Humans

Do less, achieve more

April 15, 2022 Alexis Bushnell Season 2 Episode 7
Social Media for Humans
Do less, achieve more
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Why doing less is great social media strategy for freelancers and micro-business owners, and how to figure out where to focus your time and energy.

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Hello and welcome to Social Media for  Humans, the podcast that empowers you to do social   differently. Your host, Alexis Bushnell, and  her guests discuss their experience of social   media as business owners, users and ultimately,  humans. With insights and advice to help you find   an effective and ethical strategy that works  for you. Grab yourself a drink and join the  

conversation. Alexis:

Hi hello hi! Welcome to  another little quick tip episode of the Social   Media for Humans podcast. Today I want to chat a  little bit about why doing less on social media   is actually a really good plan. I realise  that I am potentially a sole voice   against the many, many people who are telling  you that you need more content and to use   more different functions and more platforms  and just generally do more, so hear me out.   The reason that I suggest that doing less is  a good strategy is because most of the people,   all of the people, who I work with are very  small business owners, micro business owners,   mostly solopreneurs, individual people  freelancing, running their own business,   they don't have a team. If you have a team,  amazing, you can do more, go for it! Outsource it,   live your best life. But if you are just you and  you are trying to do whatever your actual job is,   do your accounts, do all the behind the  scenes stuff, do all your marketing,   keep on top of everything that goes into running  a business that isn't even related to what you   are actually doing in your business, doing more is  probably not feasible, so doing less is great. The   other thing is, if you have a lot of other stuff  going on and you are solely responsible for this,   you can't do lots of things well so it is much,  much better for you to concentrate your energy   and the time that you do have on doing stuff that  works and doing it well. So this can mean only   using one social media platform, it can mean  massively reducing, or even just a little bit   reducing, the amount of content you're trying to  put out, it can mean allowing yourself to not do   reels or not do stories or not create videos, it  can be setting time limits on how much engagement   you do instead of putting the pressure on yourself  to reply immediately or to spend an hour or more   engaging every single day. The point is to think  about what is actually feasible for you based on   everything else you have going on, not just in  your business but in your life, you know. Are   you doing the school run? Do you need to sleep?  Yes, spoilers, yes you do! How long is it taking   you to cook dinner and eat lunch and breakfast,  and generally you know, get outside and exercise   or whatever it is that you are doing? Like how  long do you want to spend having a social life?   How much time do you want to spend chilling on the  sofa? All those things need to come into be taken   into consideration when you are figuring out what  your social media strategy looks like, because   if you cannot outsource stuff, if you don't  have a team and you say like "right, I need to   engage for an hour a day, I need to get  out at least one post every single day,   I need to do at least one reel a week,  I need to be on stories every day,   I need to be in Facebook groups, I need  to take part in these three Twitter chats.   Like, I am overwhelmed just thinking  about that, so who knows how you feel!   And you are not going to do any of those things  well because you are going to be just spread so   thin and feeling so overwhelmed and so stressed  out you can't focus the same. The content won't   be as good, the engagement will just be like a  random heart here and a quick "great post" there,   and that's okay occasionally but to really get  the most from any of these individual things   you've got to go not all in, but you've got to  put in a reasonable amount of effort and focus   to actually get results from it. So if you are  on every platform, or just multiple platforms,   think about what it would mean to just focus on  one and which one would you focus on. Where are   you already getting results? You know, if  you are trying to reply to messages, DMs,   comments immediately, what would it look  like for you to hop on for half an hour   once a day and catch up on replying to people and  do some outreach engagement if you have some time   in that in that time? Have a think about what  is really feasible for you and then, this is   this is your permission slip. I am allegedly,  according to other people, a social media expert.   I do work in social media, this is my job, so  I can confirm it is okay to do these things.   So if you would like permission from somebody  whose job this is, who knows this stuff,   this is your permission slip. You  don't have to do those things.   You can stop posting on those  platforms. You can post much less.   You can totally give up on that specific format  of post that you hate creating, it's okay.   On this same theme, I'm actually running Action  It April which is about doing less and achieving   more, so we are looking at cutting down on what  you're doing and seeing how much better your   stats are, and you feel, and your business runs,  because you're doing less, because we are here for   that! It is running across all my social media,  public social media, my free Facebook group "Acorn   a nourishing ecosystem for small biz," the link  will be in the show notes obviously. There is also   a workbook that goes alongside it. The workbook  takes you through how to figure out what to cut   out of your social media strategy and also kind of  cheers you on as you go, so it's a four week plan,   you can do it any four weeks doesn't have to be in  April, you are not too late if you want to start   now, it's fine! The workbook also comes with a  video which sort of explains each step, takes   you through how to fill it in and all that kind  of thing. The workbook is £10, again there will   be a link to that if you are interested in the  show notes. And exciting podcast news! Next week   for Earth Day, that is the 22nd of April, we are  going to be having a live episode of the podcast.   It's going to be a roundtable episode with a  variety of different ethical business owners   and we're going to chat about the happy, great  things about being an ethical business owner,   the really hard stuff about being an ethical  business owner, and also a little bit about how as   a consumer you can support the kinds of businesses  that you actually want to see. It's gonna be   really really great chat, I'm really looking  forward to it. It is going to be going out live to   YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn so if you want  to see the live, leave some questions, comments,   get involved, we would love to see you there.  I will be releasing on my social media a list   of who else is going to be involved. If you are an  audio listener I will be doing my very, very best   to get the audio version out the same day, it will  probably be very late afternoon if not evening   because I am just me, this is this  is 100% of my business, just me!   So I'm gonna do the live in the morning and then  work very hard to do captions, convert it to   the audio file, get it uploaded, get the  transcript up, get it out there. So yes, the   audio only version will be late on Friday the 22nd  of April but it will be worth it! So there's that.   Okay, that's it, that's me. Do follow me on  social media for more updates about who is   going to be joining me for that roundtable, I  am super excited. Yes, take care of yourselves.


If you want more regular reminders to find  your own way to use social media, follow Alexis on   your social platform of choice, all the links will  be in the show notes. Until next time, be a human.