Social Media for Humans

Make social media fun again

August 05, 2022 Alexis Bushnell Season 2 Episode 21
Social Media for Humans
Make social media fun again
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Here in the UK it's summer and no one is looking at your social media so take this time to scrap the strategy and have some fun with your content!

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Hello and welcome to Social Media for  Humans, the podcast that empowers you to do social   differently. Your host, Alexis Bushnell, and her  guests discuss their experience of social media   as business owners, users, and ultimately  humans. With insights and advice to help   you find an effective and ethical strategy  that works for you, grab yourself a drink   and join the conversation. Alexis: Hi hello hi! Welcome to another quick tip episode of the Social   Media for Humans podcast. This month in the Social  Media for Humans club we are focusing on fun   so I want to talk a little bit about making your  social media fun again. I hate that I made it that   the tagline, I hate it already! Never mind! So a  lot of people, please tell me that I'm not alone,   I know I'm not alone but if you're there  too let me know. A lot of people are really   struggling with social media at the minute,  they are feeling like it is not fun, it is   exhausting, it is annoying, it is frustrating,  it is, if you're a business owner, frankly a   complete nightmare, so I propose we throw the  strategy out of the window, at least for a month,   and just give it up, just have some fun. Have  some fun with social media, try some new stuff,   give up on posting the stuff that you really hate  creating, try having fun with some new stuff maybe   and just give yourself a break. Just say like  it's okay, it's summer in the northern hemisphere,   people are out and about, people are doing stuff,  people are taking breaks from social media,   they're on holiday, they're with their family,  they're you know out in the park, at the pub,   whatever. People are out enjoying their lives,  they're not on social media, there is always a   dip in stats over summer, always, it's a thing, so  nobody's looking at your content, what better time   to just fling some stuff out there and give  it a whirl and see how you feel about it.   Your stats are not going to be the most reliable  measure of whether things are working this month   because people are out and about, so fear not,  just try stuff and see how you feel about it.   Give reels a go, see if you hate them, see if  it's only specific types of reels that you hate,   hello people who hate the pointing and dancing  which is essentially everybody I speak to! You   don't have to create that kind of content,  try different types of content, try creating   different types of reels, just  sling some stuff out there,   change up what you're posting on the feed,  change up what you're posting in stories,   you know just give stuff a go. Give stuff a  go this month and see how you feel about it.   Maybe try, if you're not already repurposing, try  repurposing some content, see if you find that   that gives you some brain space, see if it feels  like a lot of work for you and maybe you want to   outsource it, see what's going to work for you,  see what you actually enjoy creating and then how   you can build that into your strategy in future.  So give yourself a month to just just wing it,   just wing it, have some fun. In the Social  Media for Humans Club this month we have   Kate Browning who is a Canva expert coming to  bust all your Canva problems so that creating   content in Canva can be extra fun. I feel  like a lot of people find it fun anyway,   maybe a little bit too fun! So she will also  have some sort of time-saving hacks, although   she cannot stop you from scrolling for three hours  trying to find an image, bear that in mind! And   we have a tech workshop because I know quite a few  people are actually stumped by the tech side of it   rather than the actual what do I post side of  it, so we're gonna be going over the actual   ins and outs of specifically posting a story,  posting to reels, using different apps, any tech   problems basically that are making it difficult  for you to get content out there that is fun.   So if you would like to join us you would be  very welcome. We also have an annual membership   which is available at a discounted rate just this  month so you can join for a whole year, you can   get access to all of the trainings and the guest  trainings that have already happened, and a whole   year of future trainings, and we have some very  interesting ones coming up, maybe a little bit   biased uh but we have sort of Law 101 for UK based  business owners, because laws change around the   world turns out, that's a little bit annoying! We  have Katie Skelton from Little Green Duck coming   in to talk about copywriting so you can make sure  that your captions are frankly incredible, and   we have goal setting with Caitlin Fisher who  is frankly a badass and would like you to   rock your goals without feeling exhausted and  running yourself into the ground, which frankly   we are here for! So if you would like to join the  links, obviously, in the show notes, we would love   to have you. Otherwise just have some fun with  your content, stop stressing about it, nobody's   looking at it in summer, it's fine, so try to  enjoy your social media for a little bit again   and see if it changes how you use social media,  see if it changes the kind of content that you   want to create in future. Yeah and take care of yourselves. Hawke: If you want more regular   reminders to find your own way to use social media  follow Alexis on your social platform of choice,   all the links will be in the show  notes. Until next time, be a human.