Social Media for Humans

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February 21, 2021 Alexis Bushnell
Social Media for Humans
Social Media for Humans intro
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A brand new podcast, social media for humans, launching on 5th March, but what's it even about?

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hello and welcome to Social Media for Humans, the podcast that empowers you to do social differently. Your host, Alexis Bushnell, and her guests discuss their experience of social media as business owners, users and, ultimately, humans. With insights and advice to help you find an effective and ethical strategy that works for you. Grab yourself a drink and join the conversation. Hello hello! I'm Alexis Bushnell, my pronouns are she her and i'm a social media coach and guide, and also social media manager for businesses with morals and manners. So I am big on effective but also ethical use of social media. I talk a lot about self-care, about maintaining your mental well-being while using social media, whether you are having to use it for work or whether you're just using it in your personal life, and also, especially in fact, if you work in social media. So on this podcast I am going to be talking to all different types of people; people who own businesses, people who work in social media, people who are influencers, people who are just literally users on social media who aren't really creating anything in that capacity, they're just using it as an individual human being for fun. And basically through these discussions what I want to get at is how many different ways people use social media, what people have learned through their use of social media, tips and tricks for both business owners to find an effective marketing strategy on social media, something that works for them and for their business, and also how people are managing to use social media and not get lost in the stress and the anxiety. Because there is a life outside of social media... [mumbles] currently... that is... yes! But generally speaking there is a life outside of social media. So what what I'm going to be doing is speaking to so many different types of people and we're just we're just gonna have a chat. We're just gonna chill with a drink, a non-alcoholic drink, and discuss whatever comes up really. So if you are interested in social media, if you wanna learn how to use social media more effectively, if you are interested in the moral dilemmas and the ethical issues around social media, if you really are interested at all in anything to do with social media, then this is the podcast for you and i really look forward to hearing your thoughts because i would love for you to get in touch with me on social media. Shocking, I know! So all of my links will be in the description, in the show notes, all the different places and I cannot wait for you to hear the first episode which is coming out on the 5th of March. If you want more regular reminders to find your own way to use social media, follow Alexis on your social platform of choice, all the links will be in the show notes. Until next time; be a human.